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Among the most valuable ways to say “Thank You For Your Service” to a veteran is to give them a job. Work plays a crucial role in their transition from military to civilian life. Employing an Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine veteran helps show them the many ways their hard-earned skills are transferable to the private sector. Hiring a veteran is a smart business practice that benefits both the veteran and your company. Read on to learn how men and women with military experience make exceptional employees.

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Our Mindsets Represent the Way Our Thoughts Influence Our Behaviors

I stumbled upon the concept of “mindsets” a few times during my college years. Dr. Carol Dweck, a Psychology Professor at Stanford University, developed the not-so-complex study that links our thoughts to our behaviors. Dr. Dweck describes two types of people: those with a Fixed Mindset, and those with a Growth Mindset.

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Why do companies hire temporary employees? Maybe you have a business that’s always busier around the holidays, but your full-time staff get overworked as a result. Or, you regularly find yourself struggling to find someone willing to pick up extra hours and you’re the one that has to stay late because your team is understaffed. Both of these situations can really lower staff morale and customer service quality, which can obviously hurt your business’ bottom line.

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The Best Sales Tactics Are About Much More Than Just Closing Deals

Being successful in sales is an artform. This means that sales is comprised of skills that can be mastered – and you can always learn new tactics or better strategies. The most experienced sales people I know are always looking to find ways to ask better questions, which will increase their probability of success - and, ultimately, help them close more deals. What I am about to share with you was something I had the opportunity to learn recently from Jeff West. Jeff is a successful salesman that spent over three decades in sales and sales leadership. He came to LINK Staffing to teach us about Fusion Points™, and how they can be used to “craft” our success in sales.

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Sales Coaching Can Teach Employees How To Be Top Performers

Sometime last week I had the honor to learn from Bill Eckstrom, President and founder of the EcSell Institute – a business whose mission is to impact performance of sales departments by increasing quality of sales coaching. Bill came all the way from Nebraska to Link’s headquarters in Houston, TX, to share with us his knowledge and wisdom to help us achieve high performance sales, and impact businesses in a positive way, with employee satisfaction and solutions to sales departments. Bill teaches us that, before understanding how to coach, we must first learn why coaching is important and what coaching is.